The City’s sustainable development can only be built into the context of Rule of Law, dialogue, and trust between citizens and government. Battling corruption is essential to guarantee the sustainable development of our city.

Mejor Ciudad is part of a collective of social organizations that promote the campaign #CDMXsinCorrupción. Its objective is to supervise the creation of the Mexico City Anticorruption System to ensure that it is an effective instrument to restore the Rule of Law in the handling of public resources.

The Mexico City anticorruption laws were approved on July 17 after a very hasty and opaque process, in which the dialogue spaces with society were only symbolic. The result are laws that do not respect the principles set in the General Law on the National Anticorruption System.

Therefore, with communiqués and press conferences, we have denounced the irregularities and demanded that:

·The commission that will select the members of the Citizen Participation Committee must be formed transparently, according to the process ordered by law.

·The Technical Secretary of the System be designated by the Coordinating Committee, at the proposal of the Citizen Participation Committee, and not by the Mayor or by the Assembly.