Mexico City Planning System

Mexico City Planning System

Allies: WRI y NYU

Mexico City is experiencing an institutional transformation process that should result in better conditions for the development and well-being of its inhabitants.

A great opportunity is the creation of a new planning system, that gives order and congruence to all the plans and programs that are created in our city and that many times are disconnected, do not have financing sources and end up of being irrelevant.

Through the new Institute for Democratic and Prospective Planning, Mexico City must integrate the sectorial programs and the territorial planning. That is, prevent, for example, the economic development strategies from going in one direction and the zoning definitions in another.

The IPDP must be a technical body, separate from a political cycle. For this, civil society must be an active part of its design and formation.

Mejor Ciudad, along with the World Resources Institute and New York University, leads an effort for formation and socialization of proposals for the planning system and the IPDP. In the following months, work groups and dialogue forums with national and international experts will be done to integrate these proposals.